On Performers, Pandemic, and Privilege

There’s been a lot said already about the current COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affecting businesses and employees, including theatre professionals and theatre-makers.  But as a theatre outsider, the thing that I appreciate most right now is how much content everyone is still creating, much of it for free.  There are countless numbers of Instagram … Continue reading On Performers, Pandemic, and Privilege

The Inheritance – A Play for 2020

One may as well begin with an admission: I am neither gay nor a man.  Nor have I read Howard’s End.  And yet, in spite of all this, I found myself entranced by The Inheritance, Matthew Lopez’s two-part, six-hour play about a group of gay men in their 30s, inspired by E.M. Forster’s novel, Howard’s … Continue reading The Inheritance – A Play for 2020